Telling the stories of Post-war Cretan Female Migrants in New Zealand

An oral history and digital storytelling project

Telling the stories of Post-war Cretan Migrant Women in Aotearoa New Zealand

An oral history and digital storytelling project

This part of the digital archive contains the video recordings of selected participants and curated material collected from the entire project in a creative and accessible way. The aim is to present these stories in a way that captures the impact such experiences as migration have upon the emotional and social landscape of the individuals involved and their chosen communities in Aotearoa New Zealand. The visual and other creative elements in this platform, along with the curated archival and other material give voice to this and are more adept at presenting the ambivalence and complexity of such experiences as it communicates to more senses than the written word. 

We hope this digital archive allows future generations of this community and other ethnic/diasporic communities along with researchers in this area to access these stories in a relatable and engaging manner. The stories of these women are diachronic, lasting through time, and still relevant to today’s ethnically diverse makeup of Tāmaki Makaurau and Aotearoa. Several of these women have intermarried with Pakeha, Maori and people from other ethnic groups in NZ which expands the reach of this project to various communities.  By choosing a creative digital storytelling approach to share these stories, we can contribute to the conversations about diversity as well as the impact and contribution of migration on both migrant groups and the hosting society.  

This part of the project included a trip to Crete to visit the women’s villages and interview those women who had returned to the island. For the additional audiovisual material recorded while in Crete, see here.

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