Telling the stories of Post-war Cretan Female Migrants in New Zealand

An oral history and digital storytelling project

Telling the stories of Post-war Cretan Migrant Women in Aotearoa New Zealand

An oral history and digital storytelling project

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Spiridoula Vlondaki (Halkiadaki) / Full biography

A miraculous survival as an infant during the war, the desire for a better quality of life leading to migration and the family pressures to...

Evangelia Nionaki (Ikonomaki) / Full biography

Evangelia shares her aspirations to pursue higher education that led to get a university degree in New Zealand, missing family, returning to Crete and...

Eleftheria (Elli) Katsigaraki – Full biography

Eleftheria reflects on her NZ and Australian migration experiences, feeling at home in Australia and navigating multiple identities as a Greek, New Zealander and...

Akrivi (Voula) Hiotaki / Full biography

Akrivi reflects on the challenges and opportunities of multiple migration journeys that involved returning to Crete, coming back to NZ and migrating again to...

Argyro Pendaraki / Full biography

Argyro provides a glimpse into the personal experiences and hardships endured during World War II. Her recollections shed light on the resilience, sacrifices, and strength of...

Janet Yakmis (Dumble) / Full biography

Janet was born in 1938, in Auckland, New Zealand. She became involved in the lives of the Cretan women who migrated to NZ through...

Anastasia (Tassoula) Despotaki – Full biography

Tasoula’s story is a poignant account of a difficult childhood marked by poverty, war, and hardship Tasoula was born in 1941 in the small mountainous...

Aikaterini (Kaiti) Galanaki (Kafaki) – Full biography

“I am very proud to have lived in NZ...I love you New Zealand and if sometimes I hear on TV about NZ I cry,...

Angeliki (Kiki) Polichronaki – Full biography

Angeliki was born in Crete, in a village called Dris, Sellinos district, on September 29, 1939. Her parents were Spiros Polichronakis and Athina Xsanthoudaki....