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Janet Yiakmis (Dumble)

Janet Yiakmis (Dumble)

Janet Yiakmis (Dumble)

Janet was born in 1938, in Auckland, New Zealand. She became involved in the lives of the Cretan women who migrated to NZ through a chance encounter while traveling on a Greek ship called the Patrice. She met a woman named Amelia Alister and suggested Janet apply for a job at a school for girls wanting to migrate to New Zealand. Janet, a trained teacher, decided to take the opportunity and teach English in Greece. She stayed with Emily’s family in Athens before renting a room and eventually moving to Lesbos (Mytilene), where she taught English in a school held in a tourist hotel. Janet found the experience of teaching these young girls from different backgrounds to be rewarding and enjoyed socializing with them outside of class.

Janet mentions that the girls had various motivations for participating in this migration scheme, including seeking new opportunities and adventures, as well as recognizing limited prospects for women in Crete. She also mentions the influence of Mrs. Betsy, an American woman who worked for the mayor and had unique expectations regarding personal hygiene. Overall, Janet’s time teaching English in Greece provided her with valuable experiences and insights into different cultures… Read more here

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