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Eleftheria (Elli) Katsigaraki

Eleftheria (Elli) Katsigaraki

Eleftheria (Elli) Katsigaraki

Eleftheria was born in Kandanos, a small town in Crete, at the start of the war, in 1941. Her father, Theophanis, was a barber, and her mother, Argyro, was a housewife. Eleftheria had 10 siblings, four sisters, and seven brothers. She mentions that two of her sisters died at a young age. Her earliest memory is working on the family farm, picking olives, when she was seven years old. She comments on the strictness of her father, the dowry system, and the limited educational opportunities available at the time. She later decided to become a hairdresser and opened her own shop.

The interview also touches upon the impact of World War II on their village, with the Germans burning houses and causing food shortages. Eleftheria’s house was also destroyed during the war, and her family had to find shelter with friends in another town.

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