Telling the stories of Post-war Cretan Female Migrants in New Zealand

An oral history and digital storytelling project

Telling the stories of Post-war Cretan Migrant Women in Aotearoa New Zealand

An oral history and digital storytelling project

Akrivi (Voula) Hiotaki

Akrivi Hiotaki, also known as Voula Misirlaki took place in Sydney, Australia. Akrivi talks about her birthplace in Vouva Sfakia, in Crete, her parents’ occupations (her father was a farmer), her siblings, and the limited job opportunities for women in her village. She mentions how her village has developed over the years, with the establishment of hotels and restaurants. Akrivi also shares some memories from her childhood during the war, including interactions with German soldiers and the hiding of food and weapons.

Akrivi shares memories of growing up in a village in post-war Crete, including their experiences at school, the challenges they faced, and the limited educational opportunities available. The conversation also touches on the importance of education for finding employment and the decisions some individuals made to leave the village in search of better opportunities elsewhere. Read more here…

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A New Zealand Cretan
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A micro-study of Greek female immigrants to NZ in the 60s

by Associate Prof. Evangelia Papoutsaki